The German club comprises of a body of interactive students taking keen interest in learning this popular European language. Multifarious activities are planned out for the students to participate and tremendously benefit from quiz contest, skits, interactive tests, games based on vocabulary and grammar are conducted at well paced intervals. This makes Deutsch an exciting and propelling experience. Excursions and visitations to Max Mueller Bhavan is a fun filled experience for its student members. In the academic session 2015-2016, 10 German students participated in the BOSCH Project sponsored by the BOSCH Foundation together with our partner school in Germany, Maximilian Kolbe Gymnasium, Cologne. Through activities students get the opportunity to enhance their communicative skills and derive motivation to develop a keen interest in German.

In today’s age of globalisation, the school believes in the necessity of learning a foreign language and getting acquainted with a foreign culture. It doesn’t leave any stone unturned in providing best infra structure to its students by making them participate in cultural fiestas. Our students have been invited to Germany on sponsorship and conferred with scholarships. Some of our students have opted for German as a mainstream subject at university level.

The hub of ingenuity is the school’s Philately Club named DakDharohar which is formed to nurture a unique talent and recreational activity in students.

Regular workshops and seminars are organized for the students to develop a keen insight.

Eminent philatelists of India are at the helm of such educational addresses who dispense knowledge on international norms regarding making of ‘frames’ and selection of topics for the frames. The school students have been felicitated at zonal, district and state levels and received ‘Diplomas’ for their rare collection of stamps, special cover design competition and amazing array of ‘frames’.

The school’s Philately Club was adjudged the best in north district in 2010-2011.

In the technology driven times, it is school’s unvarying enterprise to amalgamate technology in the school’s curriculum to make learning an uplifting experience.

“Discovery IT” is the festival of computer events to provide a healthy platform where the students showcase their technical skills.

A plethora of contests include “Paintscape Contest”, Visual Craft contest, Matrix Reloaded (a quiz based on computers), Net Cracker and Anchor your Show contests. Making of documentaries and power point presentations on multifarious subjects have won accolades for the students at zonal and state levels.

The pupils delightfully participate and gain knowledge on the recent trends.

The Consumer Club “Endeavour” aims at sharpening the inherent entrepreneurial skills in students, training them to know the economic operations of the country and spreading awareness about the rights and duties as consumers.

The club organises spate of Intra School and Inter school competitions. Quizzicom, Strike a Deal(Jago Grahak Jago), I am Awake-cartoon making competition on consumer exploitation, E-mart-a creative web designing event are some of the much awaited contests where student’s ingenuity, creativity and awareness find an amazing outlet.

E-Sanskar encourages actions of students to work in pursuit of ecological and heritage consciousness. The student members are sensitized to love nature and to think “Green and Clean”. They are all set to take up grassroots campaigns for environmental transformations, banning of fire crackers, planting of trees, cleanliness drive, waste management, water harvesting and recycling of paper.

The club also make students remain aware of the rich heritage and values of our country. It aims at enhancing student’s understanding of our diverse culture and ignite their senses to the aesthetic beauty of our traditions.

The school provides myriad activities including art and craft. All the students are encouraged to hone their aesthetic genius and create magic with mediums like paint, ink, clay, paper mache, dyes, wax, etc.

Visitors can be privy to some awe inspiring creations in the most modern Art Studio of the school adjacent to the school’s reception area. Wall hangings, hanging letter holders, organdie flowers, sand paintings, the ever changing rangoli patterns adorn the walls and floors of the Art and Craft studio.

The school perceives world as a family and promotes unity among people and nations for a better tomorrow. As part of this global awareness, the Global Outreach Club is formulated. Student delegations are sent each year to other countries for cross cultural exchanges to make them aware of the rich and diversified heritage, culture and tradition under “Children International Summer Villages” (CISV) and “International School to School Experiences” (ISSE). The aim is to promote world peace and cultural harmony. The student members are sent as ‘Ambassadors of Peace’ from India.

These camps are fused with the mission of bringing about social and global awareness drive by the idea of International cooperation and global fraternity. Among other things it also fosters mutual respect and understanding of diverse cultures of the world.

The number of stage enthusiasts in school is growing by leaps and bounds. The keen ones have enrolled themselves in the school’s Theatre Group which has won laurels in recognisable number of events and competitions.

There is a core dance group of students from all classes who are trained by teacher-choreographers. Training sessions are held round the year.

On school’s cultural functions and events, these young talented actors display their theatricals to the fullest.

The annual street play or “nukkadnaatak” is organised where these amateurs put their best foot forward. Winners of several inter school competitions and contests, like the Delhi School Literacy Project, the school’s thespians have regularly emerged as the proud recipients of applause and admiration. The school’s annual day termed “Cascade” finds the stage enthusiasts at their very best.

Science and Technology is extremely popular with today’s youth as technology has progressed and accessibility of robotics at the doorstep of enthusiastic learners.

Twenty years ago, robotic kits for kids were limited to simple structures and motors. Now these kits are sophisticated enough to employ a multitude of sensors and motors as well as interface with a desktop computer to allow programming experiences. Nowadays these technologies are used to develop machines that can substitute for humans.

Robots which can be used in any situation and for any purpose are used today in dangerous environments (including bomb detection and de-activation), manufacturing processes, or where humans cannot survive.

Therefore, Robo club is an initiative to promote and nurture innovation and creativity in education by hands-on practices. Workshops are conducted in school every now and then to enhance interest, to learn designing, programming and building of multi-sensor robots. Students enjoy hands-on construction activities, problem solving strategies to construct a working robot, designing robots with computer programming. By using programming to control a physical robot and seeing what goes wrong, students learn what robots can and can’t do. They also learn the need for precise instructions.

Students are encouraged to participate in various competitionsconducted by various organizations where students participate and have succeeded in scoring positions at zonal and national levels.

Literati is the English Language Literary Club which aims to foster a love for language, enhance literary creativity and provide an avenue for self-expression beyond the school curriculum. The club provides an exposure and opportunities for debates, declamations, elocution and various aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.

The Literary club initiates competitions in extempore, essay writing, creative writing, poetry writing, skit, quiz, slogan writing and poster making to enhance the oratorical skills of students.

The student members of “Literati” also constitute the editorial team of school’s magazine and bimonthly newsletter “Glimpses”.

Regular inter school and intra school events sharpen the language skills in pupils. Celebration of reading weeks, finds overwhelming response from the students. Compering for school functions and morning assemblies is undertaken with great enthusiasm by Literati student members.

“E-Library” has made accession to the library and reading a much acclaimed activity.

The main objective of this club is to spread the love for mathematics. The yearlong activities help students to be creative, innovative and logical in their approach in life.

Quizzing, symposia, guest lectures and displays of the work of renowned personalities in the field are some of the club’s many activities. The Maths lab regularly witnesses a flurry of activity. The school has made its mark by winning at state and national level. The international mathematic competition organised by UNICEF on World Maths Day saw our students as winners, bagging the 5th and 8th rank at international level. Ramanujan’s Day is celebrated with great gusto.

The Quiz Club inculcates intelligent curiosity and thirst for knowledge among students. The students are exposed to knowledge from all disciplines and current affairs. Regular intra-school and inter school competitions are being planned to benefit the students.

Regular intra-school and inter school competitions are being planned to benefit the students. This club helps children to be well versed with new technologies, latest information and the latest discoveries in various fields. The quizzes evaluate the knowledge, understanding and mental skills of the students irrespective of their ability to express it. In this way the assessment by quizzes is likely to represent the knowledge and understanding of participants in the subject covered by quiz more accurately.

Many students have won laurels for the institution. Quizwizz is an annual feature of the school which is organized by Quiz club in which many schools participate .The important benefit of quizzing is improving and expanding one’s breadth of knowledge, either general or in specific areas. The style of quizzes offered are designed to be fun to participate in, and aim to provoke discussion and healthy debate amongst participants. Quizzes are tailored to particular audience and are used in school to expand the knowledge in particular subject areas of study.

Students of classes 4 to 12 are members of this club and regularly organize intra school quiz activities for maximum participation from the students.

This club popularises sciences and helps in developing a scientific temperament in students and infuse the spirit of discovery. Regular activities and the annual celebration of science week “Prism” help all student members keep abreast with the latest advances of science and their effect on human life. They also participate in science Olympiads giving commendable results year after year.

The school projects made and designed by students have been selected and have won laurels at state level giving great impetus to learning.

Robotics is also introduced at middle level continuing right till the senior most class. Students are trained to develop robots with different programming.

Music classes are an integral part of school’s curriculum. The music room is equipped with harmonium, tablas, synthesizers and complete music band. Student members are trained in Indian and western music-both vocal and instrumental. Students are taught to appreciate good music and develop aesthetic values.

Sports are given a prominent place in the curriculum. Students are trained in various sports like football, volleyball, basketball, skating, table tennis, yoga, swimming, roller skating, cricket and horse riding. Professional coaches are engaged to provide ample training and practice to students. Massive playground is a significant feature of school campus.

The school’s “Sports Domain” is equipped with latest sports gears and gadgets. Students are trained and encouraged to participate in aforementioned sport events in house, inter school, zonal, state and national level as it is realized that physical fitness is a pre requisite for a sound and well balanced mind.

Annual Sports Meet of the school “Exuberance” ensures hearty participation of students right from class I to XII. The annual “Equestrian Display” and Smt. Chandravati Bhatnagar Table Tennis Memorial Tournament have won accolades which is unparallel. The latter has found placement in the Limca Book of Records as the longest sports event at school level.

Latest inclusion is that of Lawn Tennis for the students. Hardcourt of concrete topped with acrylic is patented in the school ground. Tennis rackets and balls made available to the practising students under sharp vigilance of coaches and trainers.

Computer club activities provide the best way to learn latest technologies and the concept of multimedia as well as web designing.

Multimedia in education plays a pivotal role in our curriculum and we have a multimedia projection device which provides visual aid for three dimensional teaching. The projection system is installed in our auxiliary lab which is equipped with computers having TFT screens.

Weekly schedule activities:-

Students are TAUGHT the latest concept of Adobe Photoshop activities and programming concept from junior as well as senior classes.