Physical Education & Playground

Physical Education & Playground

School believes in imparting good health and physical fitness to students and has ample facilities for sports.

Total area of the playground is 30 X 100 meters and the games that can be played on the available play ground are Shooting, Basket Ball, cricket, Skating, Volley Ball, Lawn Tennis and Football. All the sports equipment is provided in the school premises under the guidance and coaching of well-trained coaches employed by the school. Various teams participate at the Zonal and National and International Level and have won accolades.

School has made arrangement to teach Yoga to students. Yoga is included in the class time table. Games periods are in the class time-table so that each student gets the opportunity to play in the team and compete at various levels.

The feather in the cap in the sports circuit is the Horse Riding Club. The school boasts to be the only school in Delhi that provides its students the equestrian training from nursery to class 12.

Horse riding is a royal sport and inculcates in the students a perfect coordination of speed, balance and concentration. It also teaches them a wonderful bonding between man and animal. The school has well trained coaches, horse trainers and 13 high bred horses trained to tackle young children.

Annual Horse Riding Show has been applauded by various dignitaries and covered in detail by the media. The show showcases speed jumping, tent pegging, aerobic exercises on horseback, steeple chase, skills only mastered by professionals but performed by school students with equal gusto and agility.

The school girls and boys polo team is the first ever school polo team and is a cynosure of all eyes.