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Janmashtami Celebration-Bhagwad Gita Saar

Janmashtami Celebration-Bhagwad Gita Saar

Bhatnagar International School celebrated Janmashtami to seek the blessings of Lord Krishna – an embodiment of Virtues and Righteousness on 17 August 2022 with mirth and joy. The fragrance of flowers, soothing aroma of camphor and the jingle of bells filled the air.

The Bhagwad Gita Saar enthused the students to introspect, comprehend and familiarise with Krishna's divine philosophy. The event was organized to celebrate the extraordinary bond between children and the Almighty. Dressed up as Lord Krishna and Radha, complete with flutes, peacock feathers and matkas, the students exuded excitement, euphoria, and a joyous spirit of enthrallment.

 The arena was decorated beautifully and the spirit of festivity was in the air. The motivational address by the Principal, Ms.Shilpa Bhatnagar highlighted the significance of this blissful occasion, stressing on the relevance of Lord Krishna’s teachings with regard to the present times. The grand celebration was truly mesmerizing and captivating.



  • Date :20 Aug 2022