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Philanthropic Project of Bhatnagar International School-Vasant Kunj

Philanthropic Project of Bhatnagar International School

Vasant Kunj


Bhatnagar International School, Vasant Kunj encourages all its students to engage in social service activities for the overall upliftment of the society. The community service club ` ihelp’ is working on inculcating feeling of social responsibility among the students.

Communal Harmony campaign was organized in the school and observed from Nov.19-25, 2019.Besides promoting communal harmony, the spirit of national integration was fostered through number of activities and events, involving all the classes. Right from oath-taking ceremony during morning assembly, to essay writing competition in the classrooms, students were wholeheartedly involved.

Flag Day was observed on Nov.25, 2019. Students proudly wore the flags as badges of honour and donated whole-heartedly.

Under the able guidance of school principal Ms. Shilpa Bhatnagar, the school is leaving no stone unturned to instil values of compassion and empathy among its students.