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Janmashtami Celebrations 2023

Janmashtami Celebrations at Bhatnagar International School

Bhatnagar International School, Vasant Kunj, has since its inception in 1990, cultivated an ethos of holistic education, centered around the premise of teaching its children not just an academic curriculum but also providing them with value-based learning. The school has grown in strength and numbers over the years, under the able leadership of its Principal, Ms. Shilpa Bhatnagar,

To mark the occasion of Janmashtami, Bhatnagar International School, Vasant Kunj, organized a unique program on Monday, 4th September, celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna, alongside exploring the history and characteristics of the time when he was born.

Divided into four parts, the program began with a pooja ceremony, followed by an enactment of the Dwapar Yug, when Lord Krishna took birth. Involving students from grades III to VIII, this part showcased concepts like Kaaliya Mridaang (the dance of Lord Krishna as a child on the hood of the deadly snake Kaaliya), Bharatnatyam and Raasleela (embodying the eternal bond between Lord Krishna and his devotees).

This was followed by an exploration of the Treta Yug (Dwarika Bana Ayodhya), with performances by students from grades VIII and IX, designed to take the audience back in time, to when Shri Ram was born.

The event ended with a grand finale, amidst a celebratory atmosphere.

According to Ms. Bhatnagar, the Janmashtami celebrations were in keeping with the tradition that Bhatnagar International School, Vasant Kunj follows, of exposing its children to a myriad of cultural and historical facts, while encouraging them to look beyond the obvious, through a spirit of exploration.


  • Date :04 Sep 2023