The School shall remain closed on 19.09.2019

Dear Parent

This is to inform you that the school shall remain closed on 19.09.2019, Thursday in the interest of safety & security of the school children due to the transporters strike in Delhi. The school shall reopen as usual on Friday, 20.09.2019. 




  • The parents are advised to send the children to school with their arms and legs covered to prevent malaria, dengue etc.


  •  During the month of August and September, the students are allowed to wear :–


  • White full sleeved shirts with the school logo.


  • Grey /Black / White Trousers


  • Date : 14 Aug 2019

Standard Operating Procedures for dealing with students having attendance less than the prescribed percentage of attendance

Dear Parents                                                                                                   

As per CBSE Circular dated 18/07/2019 all cases of Low attendance of students will now have to be compulsorily reported to CBSE by schools and the final decision of the same will be taken by the Board which mandates at least 75%  attendance in the academic session 2019-20 to be eligible to appear for standard IX to XII examination.

Please ensure that your ward attends school regularly. The CBSE circular and newspaper cutting regarding the Standard Operating Procedure for dealing with students having shortage of attendance are attached in the school website.

Thanking  you for your cooperation

 Yours Sincerely



Dear Parent

We have been sharing our concern repeatedly about safe transportation for all children to and from home to school. The same was stated in the last circular sent on 18th August 2018 asking for the undertaking cum declaration for the same.

Please note that there is strict order by the Hon’ble Supreme Court for the private cabs being used to ferry students of their schools, especially in cases where such private vans/cabs (hired by parents) are to mandatorily follow the guidelines mentioned below. School authorities shall check these vans for compliance of the same and in case of non compliance, the same shall be reported to the concerned authorities.


1. Ensure the van/cab is registered with Transport Department under the School Cab Scheme of the Private Motor Registration Act.

2. To ensure safety of children, the vehicle registered under the scheme should be equipped with safety features including speed governors, GPRS devices, Fire Extinguisher and a First Aid Box.

3. The dropping time for children using private cabs is not earlier than 15 minutes before school starts.

4. Parents should provide private bus/ van/ cab driver’s verification to School if not submitted already.

5. Parents should ensure that there is a lady attendant/mother-volunteer always present in the van.

6.  That the maximum number of children in the van is limited as per norms based on type of vehicle.

7. There must be no use of illegal/over loaded vehicles for transporting of their school going children.

8. Parents to give prior intimation to the school regarding any change of driver / vehicle .

9. In case of all vehicles hired by parents, the drivers’ character and antecedent verification is to be provided to the school by the parents.


It has also been observed that, as per the convenience of the van drivers, the children are dropped off outside the School gate well before time in the morning as well as at an undue distance from the gate.

Parents are advised to monitor the drivers deployed personally, to ensure the safety of the children.

These guidelines have been shared with you as per the safety norms issued by the Transport Department and the Directorate of Education.






Circular for Book Sets 2019-20


Dear Parent,


Kindly note the book sets for the following classes will be available for your convenience as per the schedule.




Dear Parent

As we culminate the session 2018-19, the students of Class I-VIII will enjoy a short break from 22nd March 2019 to 29th March 2019.

The new session for Class II to VIII commences from 1st April 2019, Monday.


  • Date : 19 Mar 2019

The School will remain closed on 20.03.2019 & 21.03.2019

Dear Parent


This is to inform you that the school will remain closed on account of Holi festival on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 and Thursday, March 21, 2019.




  • Date : 18 Mar 2019